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When it comes to the current rebound in the transportation industry, even during a challenging year such as 2020, East Coast Ports are reaping the rewards.

Geopolitical issues, the expansion of the Panama Canal, population density, and the availability of land for distribution centers is causing a shift in freight destinations. Combined with the boosts to e-commerce, there have been fundamental changes to how cargo enters the US, and the East Coast Ports are enjoying the rewards.

Here is a look at two of the expanding East Coast Ports to keep an eye on.

Port of Virginia

The Growth of East Coast Ports in the Transportation Industry

The Port of Virginia offers a competitive advantage – particularly for those looking to import to the midwestern marketplace. Alongside the fact that the port can handle any type of cargo, there are impressive stats: in terms of tonnage, Virginia is the 2nd largest port on the East Coast and third-largest in container volume.

Historically known for being the deepest port on the East Coast, there are plans underway to deepen the primary channel to 55’. Unlike ports further north, Virginia enjoys open, ice-free ports year-round.

Plans are still underway for the Craney island Marine Terminal (or CIMT). The current aim is to build a 522-acre state-of-the-art terminal, which will also include

  • 8,400 ft wharf with seven berths
  • 28 Suez class container cranes
  • On-dock intermodal rail access by CSX & NS

CIMT will increase the capacity of Port of Virginia to 5 Million TEU Capacity, indicating the growing future of the Port of Virginia.  In order to efficiently handle this new volume, the Port of Virginia has made a commitment to revitalizing and updating their chassis pool, a project in which CIE Manufacturing is proud to be a partner.

South Carolina

Charleston, South Carolina, boasts the deepest channels of the South Atlantic. Thanks to this depth, it regularly supports vessels of up to 48’.

Perhaps South Carolina’s most valuable feature, however, is that the port is internationally recognized for its excellent efficiency rating. The port has mastered the art of fast turnarounds, and are keen to continue their growth while factoring in the necessity of expediency.

As in Virginia, there are plans afoot to capitalize on the growth of the East Coast ports – namely, a ten-year project that would allow the port to scale up dramatically. Once complete, the plan is to double the port in size, allowing it to handle over 1.4 million containers a year through the five terminals.

The future is indeed bright for East Coast ports, and CIE Manufacturing and its customers will benefit from the prime location of our new 43-acre Industrial Complex just 80 miles from the Port of Virginia.  We look forward to joining with these East Coast ports in a bright future of growth and prosperity.