In the fast-evolving world of intermodal transportation, the backbone of efficiency lies in cutting-edge technology and advanced manufacturing processes. As the world’s largest manufacturer of intermodal chassis container trailers, CIE Manufacturing has been at the forefront, a driving innovator in the container chassis manufacturing landscape.

The importance of innovation is highlighted in the intermodal industry and this is how the company has embraced this philosophy to lead the Intermodal Evolution.

Laser Metal Cutting

A principle technology employed is laser metal cutting. Highlighting the intricacies of this precise and efficient method, it enables manufacturers to craft chassis components with unparalleled accuracy. From optimizing material usage to enhancing design flexibility, laser metal cutting is an essential innovation in the manufacturing process.

Robotic Precision Welds

Robotic precision welds present another cornerstone of many manufacturer’s approaches. These automation contribute to the consistency and strength of welds, ensuring that each chassis is not only structurally sound but also meets the highest standards of quality and safety in intermodal shipping.

KTL Powder Coat Paint System

Rust and corrosion are perennial challenges in the transportation industry. CIE Manufacturing addresses this issue head-on with the KTL powder coat paint system. The advanced painting process provides a protective layer, extending the lifespan of container chassis components and enhancing their resilience against harsh environmental conditions.

Customization Options

Additional customization options are valuable in meeting the diverse needs of customers. Whether it’s adapting chassis designs for specific cargo types or accommodating unique industry requirements, the company’s commitment to flexibility and tailor-made solutions sets it apart.

Impact on the Industry

The adoption of laser cutting, robotic welding, and advanced painting processes has influenced the intermodal industry as a whole. As the ripple effects and the positive changes these innovations provide continue to shape the industry, CIE Manufacturing remains at the forefront of this evolution.