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Let’s Talk Safety

Revere – The Logical Choice

Up to now, we have talked about manufacturing processes, wiring, lights, landing gear and other things that make Revere a great product. But now, let’s look at some of the things that make it the right choice and a great value in the area of safety. Wheel ends and braking systems are two areas that can cause major headaches when it come to the safe operation of any vehicle. With the combination of TSE brake chambers and slack adjusters, Bendix ABS and Accuride’s ROLLiant wheel-end system, Revere offers the most comprehensive safety package available in the container chassis market.

Conversations about wheel ends in our industry always begin with wheel seal failures. While it is true that in some cases the seal itself is the cause, there is generally always something more at the root of the failure. Whether it be excessive endplay causing the wheel hub to move around ever so slightly or a tight bearing on the other end of the adjustment spectrum causing heat and component wear, most seal issues can regularly be traced to something besides the seal itself. Whatever the root cause is, wheel seal failures are troublesome for several reasons. At their worst, leaking wheel seals cause the wheel end to become low on oil/grease and if not repaired, ultimately result in excessive heat, bearing failure or a wheel end separation. The cost of wheel end repair can range from a simple seal replacement (a bit over and hour for the actual repair, but much more pain than that with the unit being out of service) to a much more expensive remedy in the case of bearing failure to tremendous liability in the case of a wheel end separation.

By controlling bearing endplay, Accuride’s ROLLiant system offers solutions to most of the non-seal issues that cause wheel end/wheel bearing failures. If a wheel seal replacement does become necessary, getting the wheel end put back together properly is a much easier repair than trying to achieve acceptable end play by using a dial indicator and imperfect adjustment methods. A well-calibrated torque wrench is all that is needed to achieve perfect wheel bearing adjustment and the resulting benefits. Having the peace of mind that wheel ends are now less about making intricate adjustments during an all-too-often needed repair and more about knowing that equipment reliability will not be compromised due to a leaking wheel seal offers a tremendous value. Add to this an unprecedented 10-year warranty on the wheel-end components and ROLLiant is a major value driver to Revere.

Putting the Brakes on High Costs

Brakes are another high-cost system in any piece of trailing equipment. Whether it be out-of-adjustment brakes, leaking air chambers or a malfunctioning ABS system, Revere has the answers needed. By using a TSE slack adjuster with a built-in visual stroke indicator and highly reliable TRex brake chambers, Revere takes the mechanics of the braking system to a level not previously experienced in intermodal applications. From design features like corrosion resistant coatings and a proprietary system that seals the brake chamber from moisture and contaminants while driving to a low number of part numbers to cover most replacement applications, the TSE brake system components are a key part of Revere’s exceptional family of safety-related components.

The ABS system is yet another area where reliability and safety are paid close attention to in Revere. Using the Bendix TABS-6 system, the ABS ECU and modulator are combined, eliminating the need for the two being wired together and effectively eliminating one common failure point. Previously, we talked about wiring being a target for the corrosive materials on the roads today. Keeping with that theme, TABS-6 employs all vertical connection points, thereby limiting any opportunity for corrosion to compromise the system. An additional locking ECU cover further protects the connections, adding a “belt and suspenders” level of protection. Should the rare ABS fault occur, TABS-6 offers the ability to clear the Diagnostic Trouble Codes with a simple key-power cycle of the system rather than having to roll the chassis around a yard to restore the system to a normal operating state.

Lastly, spring brake valves can’t be forgotten as a key component of the system. Slow- releasing valves can cause brake drag, leading to excessive shoe wear or elevated wheel end temperature. The Bendix SR-5 valve offers the quickest air release in the industry and the ability to perform at high levels even in the presence of contaminants that often find their way into the air systems of trailing equipment. Most importantly, a key safety feature of SR-5 is that it prevents automatic spring brake application with service air loss, allowing the operator the ability to apply and release the spring brakes as needed to get the vehicle.

Riding on Air

An optional automatic tire inflation system (ATIS) rounds out the Revere offerings to prevent problems with the three most common repairs to a container chassis (lights, brakes and tires). It is well documented that underinflation is the leading cause of tire failure. It is generally recognized that any tire operated more than 20% lower than its rated operating pressure is considered flat. With some chassis sitting for extended periods of time between uses, adequate tire inflation can be an ongoing issue. By adding a PSI by Meritor ATIS to Revere, underinflated tires can be a thing of the past. TMC has two excellent publications that cover tire inflation. TMC RP 235B, Guidelines for Tire Inflation Maintenance Pressure, talks specifically about tire inflation and how to achieve and maintain correct pressure. But, underinflation isn’t the only malady a tire can experience. Over-inflation can also be an issue that causes irregular tire wear and vehicle handling issues. TMC’s Radial Tire Conditions Analysis Guide can help to analyze virtually any tire related condition and is the industry’s definitive guide for complaint, cause and correction when it comes to tire issues.

Can You Afford NOT to Buy Revere?

Over the past articles, we have talked about all ways the CIE Manufacturing Revere container chassis adds superior value to the rolling stock part of a fleet’s intermodal equipment. Given all the standard features in the offering, the financial benefit of this added value is unparalleled. The whole package is topped off with an industry-leading 10-year manufacturer warranty on all the non-wear parts in the system. We urge you to take a closer look at Revere to allow us to show you how it can offer the lowest total cost of ownership of any container chassis on the market today.