Revere Container Chassis
The Future of Chassis
Electric Harness Lights Phillips

Phillips Industries

Electric Harness and Lights

Fit with Phillips Uptime air and electrical package. Offering a limited lifetime warranty on lights and harnesses.

Kic Accuride


10-Year Wheel Ends

ROLLiant™: An affordable hub system with a worry free installation and the industry’s only 10 year warranty

Heavy Duy AXN Axle


Heavy Duty Axle

The AXN Axle has a seamless tube and single piece beam to eliminate seam welds, extra material at the bearing journals, and line bored cam shaft holes for 100% precision. AXN axles deliver unsurpassed strength and durability, while being among the lightest in the industry.

TSE Brake Slack Adjusters


Brake Chambers and Slack Adjusters

FT-REX sealed when it counts – Replaceable pre-cut push rods – Stainless steel clevis pins – Superior corrosion protection.



ECU and Air Valves

The Bendix TABS-6 2S/1M System intelligently assigns braking power in every road condition with our advanced select smart control. Includes a five year warranty.

Hutch Suspension

Hutch Suspension

9700 Series

The Hutch Suspension is the most versatile suspension product in the industry backed by 60 years of design, manufacturing and testing. Key features include a Huck “lock bolt” fastening system, the industry’s finest rocker brushing, and torque arm screws that are coated with “NEVER-SEEZ” to resist corrosion. Exact specifications will vary according to the chassis axle configuration.

Jost Landing Leg

Jost Landing Leg

A440 Intermodal Magnum Series

The Jost Magnum 10-year internal gear configuration adds extreme protection against the damage that water and road chemicals create externally while internally protecting the gearbox on each leg using a premium all weather lubricant and elevating screws that are completely encased by a grease tube.