“We keep moving forward, opening new doors,
and doing new things, because we’re curious
and curiosity keeps leading us down new
paths.” – Walt Disney

We want to welcome everyone today to the Future of Intermodal Podcast on Intermodal.TV. We are coming to you live from our new state-of-the art studio in the middle of sunny South Gate, California. We are happy to present the culmination of many hours of research, planning, and hard work to create an entirely new innovative platform to capture, create, and distribute relevant and timely information and content for our industry. A place for all things intermodal, but not just stats and analytics. We want to provide entertainment, education and positive influence, but because we are CIE Manufacturing and are always Leading the Intermodal Evoluon, there is always a twist. We consider ourselves a combination of the Tonight Show with Johnny Carson AND the hit CBS Sunday Morning with bright commentary and a few cocktails.


First, let’s introduce everyone to the audience. To my left, the backbone of our show, the trusty sidekick and me keeper, the person who will keep us on the straight and narrow, Natalia Brown. “When asked to be the co-host of the podcast, I was elated! This podcast is truly revolutionary in that there are no other podcasts whose main focus is the intermodal industry. My job is to effectively chime in on topics as well as provide occasional comedic relief. Our main goal is to create a fun and refreshing environment where the guests are comfortable to discuss a variety of topics with us.”

The man behind the board, our chief engineer, editor, and all around media man, Marcos Hernandez. With his multi-faceted experience in digital, video and design, our future content will include documentaries, tradeshow post-shows, music reviews and showcases, and user generated content submissions.

And Host Frank Sonzala, your host for all that is both intermodal and trucking, educational and entertaining, touched with a bit of humor and personal insight. With almost 40 years in the industry, there is nothing that he hasn’t seen, and nothing that he doesn’t feel comfortable talking about!

Next, most importantly, let’s talk about our very first guest. As our first guest, this man is not only the seasoned President and COO of Philips Industries, a company with a 90-year history in the trucking and intermodal industries, but an avid surfer and long-me friend. We want to thank Rob Phillips for coming and helping to kick off this new Intermodal Scene.

Finally, to you our audience, we look forward to coming into your homes and offices every month to educate and entertain you. We ask that you send us your viewpoints, comments and show ideas. To view the inaugural podcast featuring Rob Phillips visit hps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DM8MawmYvd8&t=307s

And stay tuned, you don’t want to miss episode 2 coming out late September!